Real Estate

After the big global crisis of the real estate market in 2008, for at least 3 years there was a constant and fast prices decrease. After 2013 this decrease has begun to stabilize and for some months now we are seeing a slow but easy to spot restart of the real estate market, influenced mainly by the infrastructural projects financed by the European Union which helps the sector regain its strength.
The agricultural terrains, for a certain type of investment are of particular interest, together with the apartments of small dimensions (50-70 sq.m.) in the city center or the industrial and commercial real estate offers.

The services that we offer:

  • preliminary analysis of the current market price before the actual implementation of the property acquisition
  • legal assistance
  • preliminary check of the maximum income possibility
  • Preliminary surveys, contact the neighbors in order to understand their availability for the subsequent realization of a future project, organize meetings with owners
  • assistance in writing and verbal translations
  • contracts preparation
  • assistance with the issuance of documentation on both purchases and sales, contracts realization – selling and buying and rental as well
  • Constant mediation between the different institutions – architectural office, technical control office, the municipality, the electricity and water supply companies, central heating, gas, etc.
  • prepare, fill out, receive, deposit and withdraw the various contracts, letters, statements, certificates, etc. with state, municipal and private agencies in the client’s name, control of the due dates and various stages
  • various stages regarding property management, municipal annual waste tax and annual real estate property tax
  • management of properties according to customer requirements
  • advertising the property, maintain current ads, continuous monitoring of the real estate market
  • Offers