Services Offered


Establishment of joint stock and limited liability companies

a sworn translation and apostille Italian company documents in the case of participation of foreign entities. Merging, acquisition, relocation of companies, opening branches, subordinate headquarters, fiscal address, offices and more. Complete company consulting with particular attention to the Italian fiscal rules (transfer price, CFC, Bersani law, etc.)


Fiscal assistance

monthly VAT declaration (mandatory), cash management and banking, Intrastat, editing of quarterly reports in Italian, fiscal warehouse management (mandatory), final financial reports accompanied by statements of income (for individuals and legal entities), job counseling, operating regular payments on contracts.


Legal and financial consulting

offers the ability to always be assisted on all matters which concern the company’s activities regarding laws in the area of your business, search for local partners, being current with the changes in legislation, revision of trade contracts, leases, agency, auctions and mandates, etc. Assistance in dealing with banks, leasing and finance companies, and credit recovering.


  • European funding: collaboration, feasibility of various projects subject to european subsidies.
  • Selection of a Manager: or another trusted proxy locally, with notarized document for management responsible for the ordinary company activities or representation in Bulgarian institutions.
  • Emplyee search and selection: this service offers announcements within the most used HR channels in Bulgaria, receiving and analyzing CVs, preliminary appointments for a pre-selection, list of adeguate candidates to be confirmed for a technical meeting with a representative of the client.
  • Commercial activities: business search and selection of partners, research for products, raw materials and goods to and from Bulgaria, market research. Commercial representation. Marketing, promotion, implementation and logo branding, interenet pages.
  • Real Estate: Real Estate search for residence/office/commercial, agricultural or industrial activity. Check for encumbrances, mortgages, documents contesting ownership, preparation or revision of preliminary agreements. Facilities management and rental managing.
  • Cooperation in construction or reconstruction: Managing work activity, monitoring and control, financial supervision of the investment, accounting during the work process.
  • Assisting in starting a business: due diligence, complete inspection of the activities of the Bulgarian company to be purchased – either wholly or partially, filing documents and procedures for licenses and permits, assistance in putting in operation of commercial, real estate or industrial use, application and representation of operative permits, and generally any kind of cooperation to the entry into force of the permits and commencement of operations in the starting period of activity, management control.
  • Headquarters within our structure: office services, incoming and outgoing translations of Bulgarian/Italian/English/French documents, sworn or simultaneous translation, workplaces available with or without an interpreter.